"Ace and Duece of Piping" was recorded and mixed by Mark Ward in Anchorage AK who graciously donated his time and studio to create the best track on the Album. Thank you, Mark

All other tracks were recorded in Garage Band with an Audio Technica AT2020

Based on the frequency map of a 3,000-year-old horn, this project explores the tonal range associated with the Bronze Age Celtic instrument, the Dord. 3D rendered and recreated by Billy O Foghlu, the ancient Celtic horn used in this recording dates back to 3,000 BCE. The intent of this project is to understand how ancient civilizations utilized specific frequencies to encourage brain entrainment and sonic inscription with the use of ancient instruments and sonic ritual sites. While most of the traditional Irish melodies incorporated within this project are hundreds of years old, adding both contemporary elements and ancient sounds merges the linear boundaries of time. This project illustrates the collapse of linear time, as experienced by a society in which an oral tradition serves as a cornerstone for the expression and transmission of cultural identity. It is my hope that contemporary sound design and production techniques may serve as a conduit to future generations - in which the sonic inscription carrying the identity of a people may be passed on.